GTC More Munich


1. Scope of Applicability:

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern all commercial relations between the MoreMunich GmbH (MoreMunich) and its customers. They replace all earlier GTCs und are exclusively. All other GTCs are explicitly refused.


2. Closing a contract

Contracts are closed with the sending of a confirmation mail by MoreMunich. MoreMunich is not required to close a contract.


3. Bookingrequests

Booking requests are only accepted through our own website, herefore the requesting parties have to name their full name, the number of passengers as well as Number, Size, weight and type of luggage correctly. MoreMunich reserves the right to refuse booking requests because of the number of passengers, or the size, weight or type of the luggage.


4. Cancelling rights of MoreMunich

MoreMunich has the right to cancel a contract even after confirmation, if and when the number of passengers and/or the number, size, weight or type of contract substantially differs from the agreed terms.

This right to cancel is also given, if and when children seats are required, but not told with the initial request.

MoreMunich has also the right to cancel, if and when the client or the luggage does not show up within 15 minutes after the agreed time.

If the airport is agreed as pickup place, MoreMunich has the right to cancel after 60 minutes of waiting, even if and when the flight is delayed.

MoreMunich has also the right to cancel, if and when the passengers and/or the luggage pose a threat to the driver, the car, the traffic or third parties. This is especially given in case of infectious diseases, use drugs, agressiv/harmful behaviour or serious insults of any kind.

In case of such cancellations due to circumstances in the client's risk area, MoreMunich has the right to claim the full price as damages. The client has the right to prove a lower damage, then the lower damage will be claimed. These cancellations can be given at every time, especially immediate before departure. Cancellations due to infectious diseases, drunkeness, drug use, agressive/harmful behaviour and/or serious insults of all kind can also be given during the ride.


5. Cancellation by the client / costs

The client has the right to cancel the contract for time-bookings only until twelve hours before pick up. If the client's cancellation is given later, the agreed price is due for damages. The client has the right to prove a lower damage.


6. Client's and passenger's duties

The clients and passengers are required to follow the driver's instructions during the ride and to avoid all behaviour able to interfere with the security of the driver, of the car or the traffic or the cleanliness of the car. The clients and passengers are also required to truthfully inform the driver about the content of the luggage to inable the driver to assess the risk for him, the car or the traffic.

The clients are required consider traffic situations and to agree on such pick up times, which allow the target to be reached without risks for the driver, the car or the traffix and without violation of speed regulations. The clients have to calculate unexpected traffic jams.


7. Payment

Payments are accepted via paypal, credit card or in case of verified clients via invoice. Euro is the only accepted currency.


8. Routes / Additional Payment for alternative routes, stops and clients delay

MoreMunich will take the fastest route depending on the traffic situation.

For additional fares, alternative routes and stops can be agreed even after confirmation. MorMunich is not required to agree and is allowed to refuse without naming reasons.

If and when MoreMunich does not use its right to cancel because of client's delay, MoreMunich has the right to claim additional fare according to the price list [LINK] for every 30 minutes after the end of the waiting times.


9. Exemption of liability / No liability for traffic situations

MoreMunich is liable for purpose, gross negligence and damages to body, life or health and for light negligence in central contract duties. In case of light negligence KPI-Cloud’s liability for financial/economic damages is restricted to the expectable and typical amount. Central contract duties are those, on whose fulfillment the client can trust and which are formative for the contract. Other liability is exempted.

Legal warranties are untouched by this exemption, meaning the client still has the right to step back, to claim a reqork/resupply and to price reduction, if applicable failures are given.

If and when things are given to the client, the right for damages according to product liability law ist untouched by the exemption.

MoreMunich is not liable for delays due to traffic situations.


10. Applicable law / place of jurisdiction

The contract is ruled by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. If and when the client is consumer with residence in an EU-member state, mandatory consumer-protection regulations and mandatory consumer-protection judgements of the residence country of the client remains applicable. UN sales law is excluded. The place of jurisdiction for contracts with merchants is at the place of MoreMunich. The contract will be performed in German.


Data Privacy Statement


We gather, process and store personal information according to the privacy laws of the Federal Republic of Germany during your visit to and your use of our website. This will be done for the following purposes and in the following way:


Gathering and processing of data:


Every access to this website will be recorded. The date, time and target of the access will be recorded. Target means the Url and the accessed file. This will be done for statistical purposes.  Additionally, personal data will be recorded, if and when the user/customer sends these voluntarily, e.g. in the way of a request.

The website also uses cookies. Cookies are small text based files being stored on the hard disk of the user and sent to the website with every access. Thanks to this, computers can be recognized and the navigation through the website tracked and simplified. Also, targeted advertising will become possible. The user can prevent these cookies in his browser and delete them. But then, the complete use of the website can not be guaranteed.


Order Recording:

With the recording of the order, the client's name, billing adress and the payment data are gathered as well as the number of passengers, Pick up- and drop off adress together with the phone-number and email-adress of the client. Name, billing adress and payment data are required for invoicing, passanger number, pick up- and drop off place for the execution of the order. Phone number and email-adress are asked for eventual queries regarding the order, short-term agreements and the order-confirmation. Consumers do not need to give the billing adress. The client may refuse to give the phone number and/or email-adress, but then takes the risk of misunderstandings because of the impossibility of queries.


Clients accounts:

For the online order, the client has to open an account on the website. For this, a name and email adress has to be entered. The account can be deleted every time. The name is required for recording and executing the order, the email-adress for informing the client about new informations/situations in the account. The email-adress can be changed every time. For verification purposes, an email will be send, which needs to be confirmed by the client by clicking on a link.



For receiving the newsletter the client has to enter an email-adress. The adress can be changed every time, the further reception of the newsletter can be cancelled by the client every time. For verification purposes, an email will be send, which needs to be confirmed by the client by clicking on a link.


Use and proliferation of personal data


Personal data are those which can be traced back to single persons, especially email-adresses, billing adresses, phone numbers and names.


The stored personal data will only be used for the processing of the user's requests and for technical administrative purposes. Personal data will only proliferated, if and when the processing of the user's requests or invoicing processes require it or the user agreed to it. The user can withdraw his agreeing every time for the future.


The personal data will be deleted, if and when the user revokes his agreeing, the data are not of use anymore or the law require it. If and when data are stored for invoicing or bookkeeping purposes, they will not be deleted even if the deletion is demanded or the agreeing is revoked.


On user's request, the user will be provided with the personal data stored about him. This request is to be directed to the contact data given in the imprint.


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These data will processed by Google on our request, to get reports about users’ behaviour and activity on this website and to offer additional services with regard to this website. These data can be processed to pseudonymous user-profiles.


This website uses Analytics with activated IP-anonymisation only, which shortens the IP-adress within the EU or the EFTA. In exceptional cases the IP-Shortening will be done by Google on their server in the US after the full IP-Adress has been transmitted to the US. The full IP-Adress will not be combined with other data of Google.

The storing of Cookies can be prevented by changing the browser’s settings. User can also prevent the gathering and transmission of cookie-produced and website-related data to Google by installing this browser-plugin:  http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en


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