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Data privacy statement


General advice and required informations


Responsible person/instution for the data processing

Responsible for the data processing of this website is:


MoreMunich GmbH

Geschäftsführer: Hr. A. Burdman

Am Haag 8
82166 Gräfelfing

Tel: +49 (0) 176 68241123

Hotline: +49 (0) 172 8624565



The responsible person/institution decides alone, depending on the situation at hand sometimes together with third parties, about the specifics of the provessing of personal informations (e.g. Adress-/Contact-data, names etc.). Part of the specifics are especially purpose and instruments as well as scope of the data processing.


We raise, process and store personal data during your use of this website according to data privacy law. This privacy statement will be updated if and when data prvacy law or changes to this website require it. You are therefore asked to read this data privacy statement again ohn regularly basis.


Personal data

Personal data are all informations which can be used to identify a person. This uncludes (among others) names, adresses, phone numbers or e.g. the birth date.


Raising, processing, use and transfer of personal data

We raise, process, use or transfer personal data only in connection with closing contracts, changing contracts, negotiating contracts, executing contracts, handling your requests or based on your consent or for the technical administration of this website or our server (eg for recognizing cyber attacks or sending data to your browser). We transfer data to third parties only, if one of these points is given or orders by court or government bodies require us to do so.

You can always ask for the legal base of the data raising, data use and/or data transfer, and for the list of the data and third parties.


Rescission of data processing consent

Some data processing requires your consent and will be illegal without it. This consent can be rescinded everytime without formal requirements, e.g. vocal. An email is also sufficient and easier. The data processing been executed until the rescission stays valid even in case of a rescission and remains untouched by the rescission. You have the right to always ask, which consent for which data processing has been given by you.


Complaint / competent authority

If you are affected by a data breach or data privacy law violation, you can file a complaint with the competent data protection authority. For us as a munich-based company, the data protection commissioner (Datenschutzbeauftragter) of Bavaria is the competent authority. Its contact specifics can be found here:


Right to data portability

If data processed by us are related to you and are processed because of an contract or because of your permission, you can demand us to transfer these data to your or to third parties named by you. We transfer these data in a machine readable format. Transfers will only take place if technical possible.


SSL- resp. TLS-encryption

The websites traffic is encrypted according to the modern SSL- resp. TLS-encryption standarts. The date/contenc send from you to the website or from the website to you is therefore encrypted and unreadable for third parties. The encryption can be recognized with the string "https://" in the adress-line of your browser and, depending on your browser, with the padlock-symbol of your browser.



The company running the server raises and saves automatically these data send by your browser automatically:

Type of browser and version of the browser

Operating system


Hostname of the requesting computer

Time of the server-request



These data will not be merged with other data sources. The IP-adress will only be saved for the duration of the visit to the website, in case of cyber-attacks until the final analysis and, if happening, until the criminal investigation and enforcement of civil law claims. Legal basis for the data processing is Art 6 para 1 letter b GDPR, which allows the processing of data for the execution of a contract oder per-contact measures.


Data transfer in case of contract closure for the following contract execution

Personal data will only be transferred to third parties, if the contract execution requires it. Third parties can be payment solution provides or server companies (e.g. for the defense against cyber-attacks). Legal basis for the data processing is Art 6 para 1 letter b GDPR, which allows the processing of data for the execution of a contract oder per-contact measures. This data will not be transfered to third parties for our own uses, but only for the execution of the contract / handling of your request.


The payment is processed by stripe or paypal, depending on your choice. Therefore, these companies will receive your payment data, but will not transfer it to others.

You can find the contact data and data privacy statement of stripe here:

You can find the contact data and data privacy statement of paypal here:

Requests mean questions, requests and contacting attempts of all kind.


You can always ask for a list of third parties which received data related by you.



This website uses, depending of the browser type, Cookies and will inform you about it with some pup-up informations. Cookies are small text-based files stored on your hard disk and transfered to the website on every visit to it. This enables us to recognize your browser and to track and simplify your navigation through our website. This also enables us to target the advertising. The user can prevent the use of these cookies with specific settings of the browser and also delete the cookies with specific settings of the browser.



If you have registered with the newsletter, we store and use your Emailadress for the sending of the newsletter-emails. Further voluntary data are used to personalize the newsletter for you.


Every newsletter contains a link, which unregister you from the newsletter if clicked on.


Contact / email

We use a contact form, and a clickable email-adress. If you want to send us an email/notice, we will save your email-adress und the content of your email/note in order to be able to answer your request und to be able to better understand follow-up requests in the context of your prior emails/notes. These data will not be transferred to third parties without your consent.


The processing of the data send by email/contact form happen only to handle your request (Art 6 para 1 letter b GDPR). You can always request the deletion of these data without formal requirements, e.g. vocal or by email. The data processing happened until the time of deletion request will stay untouched by this and still legal.


We will storage data sent by Email/note until your deleting request, your rescission of your consent or until no requirement for strage exists anymore. Untouched by this data can stay storaged if and when legal requirements, especially safekeeping periods demand it.


Automated decisions / profiling / Right for informations about this

We do not use automated decision-making systems based on your data, and we do not create profiles based on your data. You can always request information about whether this has changed. If this will change, this clause will be changed, too, and you qould have the right to further informations about the used automated decision making systems/profiling systems etc.


You have additonal rights:

Right for confirmation and disclosure:

You can alsways demand a confirmation about whether or not personal data related to you are processed. If this is true, you can demand disclosure of all storaged data related to you included a copy of these data free of charge. Additionally, you can demand disclosure of the purpose of the data processing, the categories of the data, the recipients or categories of recipients getting disclosures of the data, especially recipients in non-EU-countries or international organisations, as well as the period of the storaging (or, if the period is not decided about, the criterias of said decision making process), the existence of a right of deletion/correction/processing limitation resp. the possibility of an objection against the processing, the complaint with a competent authority and about all available informations about the provenience of the data and the existence of an automated decision making process inkluding profiling and the logic used as well as the reach/targeted consequences.


If data are being transferred to non-EU-countries or an international organisation, you have the right to demand an explanation of possible garanties as regulated in Art 46 GDPR.

Furthermore, you can demand the correction of incorrect data related to you, including the completion of incomplete data.

Additionally you can demand to be "forgotten", meaning the immediate deletion of all data related to you, if a) the personal data are not necessary anymore, b) you have rescinded the consent to the data processing and not further legal reason for the data processing still exists, c) you objected and no higher-ranking reasons for the data processing exists, d) the data have been processed illegally, e) the law (incl. EU-law) demands the deletion, f) the data have been raised in connection with data-companies according to Art 8 para 1 GDPR.

If we made the data open to the public and are required to delete them, we will take all approbriate measures to inform the persons/institutions responsible for the data processing about your deletion demand.


Right for processing limitation

You can demand us to limit the data processing, if and when a) the correctness of the data is challenged by you (but only for the time we need to check this), b) the processing is unlawful and you refused the deletion, but demanded the use-limitation, c) we do not need the data anymore, but you still need them for legal actions, d) you filed a complaint, but we have not yet decided about the complaint.


Right for objection

Furthermore, you have the right to object to the processing of data related to you. In that case, we will not process your data anymore, if and when we can not prove reasons for the processing being compulsively worthy of protection which weigh more that your interests, rights or freedoms, or the data processing is not necessary for legal actions.

If and when the data protection serves the direct advertising, you always have the right to object to this data processing.



Our companies data privacy commissioner can be contacted with these information:


Hr. A. Burdman

Am Haag 8
82166 Gräfelfing

Tel: +49 (0) 176 68241123

Hotline: +49 (0) 172 8624565



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These data will processed by Google on our request, to get reports about users’ behaviour and activity on this website and to offer additional services with regard to this website. These data can be processed to pseudonymous user-profiles.


This website uses Analytics with activated IP-anonymisation only, which shortens the IP-adress within the EU or the EFTA. In exceptional cases the IP-Shortening will be done by Google on their server in the US after the full IP-Adress has been transmitted to the US. The full IP-Adress will not be combined with other data of Google.

The storing of Cookies can be prevented by changing the browser’s settings. User can also prevent the gathering and transmission of cookie-produced and website-related data to Google by installing this browser-plugin:


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You can block the saving of cookies and the use of web beacons through your browser settings (usually in the menu at extra > settings > data privacy > cookies). But this website can not be fully used with cookies and web beacons blocked.



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Purpose and scope of the data usage as well as the further processing and usage of the data by Google as well as your rights and setting-possibilities regarding your data privacy can be found in the data privacy statement of Google:



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